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25-Year Product Warranty, Shingled Solar Panels

Shingled Solar Panels

When it comes to powering your house with solar energy, standard PV solar panels could be a good option. However, you might be interested in trying out the new cutting-edge technology of shingled solar panels. Shingled panels cut solar cells into strips and overlap them inside the framed module. Intercell gaps are removed, and more silicon cells can be crammed into one module, increasing power output and module efficiency. Shingled

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How many solar panels are needed for your home

How Many Solar Panels To Power A House

There are numerous benefits to going solar such as saving on utility bills, earning tax credits for putting energy on the grid, helping the planet reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, etc. So are you thinking about adding solar to your house? It’s no use installing just one solar panel. You’ll need more than that to reap the financial benefits of a solar panel system. While the answer isn’t always so

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Off grid solar power in Africa

Powering Your Electric Devices With A 12V 30W Solar Panel

As the weather warms up, it’s the right time to go outside and enjoy the outdoors. But we need to solve a problem, power shortage. So I got a 2nd-hand 30 watts monocrystalline silicon solar panel. The rated maximum power is 30 watts, the maximum power voltage is 18.68V, the maximum power current is 1.61 amperage, the open-circuit voltage is 22.32V, and the short circuit current is 1.73 amperage. Here

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two sided solar panels, bifacial solar panel

Bifacial Solar Panel Double Sided Solar Panels

Most of the solar panels you see are mono-facial solar panels. Sunlight hits the top face of the solar panel, and it generates electricity. But those aren’t the only kind of solar panel that is out there. There’s another type – bifacial solar panels. With bifacial panels, an extra part of the solar panel produces electricity – the back face. Bifacial solar panels are solar panels that can capture sunlight on

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dual glass solar panel, solar panel glass windows

Double Glass Solar Panels Half Cell Mono PERC Panel

Why Double Glass Solar Panels? In recent years, with the unprecedented growth of solar power generation worldwide and the steady improvement in photovoltaic products’ performance, the demand for high-quality, high-reliability photovoltaic modules that can operate in harsh environments without rapid degradation has greatly increased. In order to meet the demand, Coulee has successfully completed the development of double-glass solar panels and started mass production of these photovoltaic glass panels in

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Off-grid Solar PV System Diagram

Simple Off-grid Solar Electric System

Off-grid Solar System The simplified block diagram above shows a simple off-grid (stand-alone) solar electric system. Whilst the detail will vary, this design forms the basis of most stand-alone systems. It is typical of the installations you will find in recreational vehicles, caravans, boats, and buildings that do not have a conventional power supply. This design provides both low-voltage DC power for running smaller electrical devices and appliances such as

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solar powered ceiling fan, solar roof fan

Electrical Devices for Solar PV Systems

Electrical Devices The final element of your solar electric system is the devices you plan to power. Theoretically, anything that you can power with electricity can be powered by solar. However, many electrical devices are very power-hungry, which makes running them on solar energy very expensive.  Of course, this may not be so much of an issue if you install a grid-tie system. If you have very energy-intensive appliances that

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Battery Capacity, Lithium Battery, LiFePO4 Battery

Comprehending Battery Capacity

A battery’s capacity, the amount of energy stored in it, plays a large role in the overall design of PV systems and the use of batteries within them. In order to select the right battery for your PV system, you need to have a solid understanding of how batteries’ capacity values are determined and reported and how to apply those ratings to the system you’re designing. Batteries are rated according

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Setting Expectations for Solar Electricity

Solar power is a useful way of generating reasonable amounts of electricity, so long as there is a good amount of sunlight available and your location is relatively free from obstacles such as trees and other buildings that will shade the solar panel(PV array) from the sun. Solar can be used in various ways. For instance, you can use solar power as the only source of electricity. You need to

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