Off-grid Solar Panels

When it comes to off-grid solar panels, we generally think they are under 200Wp with a nominal voltage of 12V. These panels are also called small solar panels which are durable, highly efficient, and are used by our customers to charge batteries, run electric gate openers, RVs, boats, and other 12v solar panel systems.

Small Solar Panel Application, Solar System Small

Coulee offers both small monocrystalline solar panels (single crystal) and polycrystalline solar panels (multiple crystals), which include integrated junction boxes, tempered glass, and aluminum frames.

Some of our off-grid solar panels use shingled technology for higher power density and are built with lightweight ETFE lamination instead of glass and aluminum, which are perfectly suitable for making portable solar kits. In most cases, these solar kits do not require a charge controller as they include a blocking diode and wiring.

Shingled Solar Module, Semi Flexible Solar Panels

Other small off-grid solar panels are suitable for use in C1D2 environments. The NEC defines C1D2 (Class 1, Division 2) as a type of hazardous environment where flammable or explosive gasses, certain chemicals, and vapors are present.

When it comes to battery charging, we’ve made it easier yet with our variety of pre-configured solar charging kits using our small solar panels, charge controllers, and helpful accessories.

Off-grid solar panels are also a great way to familiarize yourself with renewable energy. While you may not be ready to install a solar roof on your house, charging a phone or laptop with a small solar panel can help you gauge the light levels in your area and see how well solar power may be able to meet your needs.

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