Aluminum Solar Motion Security Light 208LED Amazon’s Choice

Best solar motion Security lights 2021, discovering the new order of outdoor security lights.

  • Adjustable Color Temperature (3000k to 6500k).
  • Aluminum shell, withstand all kinds of harsh weather.
  • Portable for multiple uses comes with a hanger for hanging up wherever you want.  
  • 6 working modes, giving extra protection to your property.
  • 26000mAh LiFePO4 battery bank, illuminate your garden, yard, garage, driveway, front door, backyard, walls, etc., even it’s continuous cloudy or rainy.
Weight 1.55 kg
Dimensions 265 × 160 × 112 mm
Luminous Flux

2370 Lumens

Number of LEDs

208pcs SMD 2835

Color Temperature

3000K – 6000K Adjustable

Light Modes

Motion Sensor + Light Control

Sensor Type

PIR Motion Sensor

Descriptions of Aluminum Solar Motion Security Light 208LED Amazon’s Choice

A video presentation – classic version – Aluminum Solar Motion Security Light 79 LEDs


Important Information

  1. Charge unit in sunlight for at least 8 hours before first use.
  2. For best charging results, maximize sun exposure by orienting the solar panel towards the sun in an area free from cover or shade.
  3. It is normal for illumination time to vary depending on different weather, seasons, and geographical locations.
  4. Mode 2 (Motion Sensor Only) or Mode 4 (Intelligent Mode) is recommended during prolonged cloudy or rainy days.

Operating Modes

  • Mode 1: Motion Sensor + Dim Light, turns light to bright when detecting motion and auto-dims light after the 30S/60S/120S of inactivity.
  • Mode 2: Motion Sensor only, turn light to bright when detecting motion and then to standby mode after the 30S/60S/120S of inactivity.
  • Mode 3: Medium Light for 5 Hours + Motion Sensor, keep the light on with medium bright for 5 hours after sunset, and after that, switch to Mode 2.
  • Mode 4: Intelligent Mode, adjusts mode based on battery level. i.e., keeps Mode 3 when battery capacity is over 60%.
  • Mode 5: Medium Light, set to medium brightness for all night, the motion sensor is disabled.
  • Emergency Light Mode, bright light on for 1 hour(F-1H), 2 hours(F-2H), 3 hours(F-3H), or 4 hours(F-4H).

Remote Control

  • ON: Turn on
  • OFF: Turn off
  • +/-: Adjust the color temperature (White, Neutral, Warm White)
  • 30S: Keep the light on for 30 seconds after motion detection
  • 60S: Keep the light on for 60 seconds after motion detection
  • 120S: Keep the light on for 120 seconds after motion detection
  • F-1H/F-2H/F-3H/F-4H: Bright light on for 1/2/3/4 hours

What is in the Box?

  • Solar-powered motion sensor light×1
  • A hanger for portable installation
  • Expansion pillar-hinge×2
  • Screw×2
  • Pin×1
  • Paper Instruction×1


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