Best Off-grid Portable Solar Lighting System 360Wh 12V

This Coulee portable solar lighting system is ideal for places with no mains electricity such as outhouses, sheds, garages, farms, stables, as well as for camping, travel, and any outdoor activities (e.g. a for a yurt). The system is fully independent from the grid/AC power source and works purely based on sunlight energy.

During the daytime, the 80W solar panel charges a 12V/30Ah battery inside the control unit, which then provides power to the 5 x 5W 12V LED lights connected via front sockets on the control unit. In addition, there is a standard 5V USB socket for charging mobile phones and USB compatible devices (adaptors for USB-compatible mobile phones are included).


12V/30Ah Lithium Battery

Lighting Time

Five 5W LED Lamps ≥12hrs Each

Input Voltage/Current


Max. Output USB Current


Solar Panel

Mono (Poly) 18V/80W

Days of Autonomy

2 Days


2 Years



Descriptions of Best Off-grid Portable Solar Lighting System 360Wh 12V

Coulee Tech. offers the most up-to-date, sustainable solar lighting solutions. Our products are revolutionizing the solar lighting industry.

Want a source of light that you can use even when there’s no electricity around?
Then check out this Coulee Portable Solar Lighting System.

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Utilizing renewable solar energy, this illuminating device is a must-have during blackouts and emergency situations. No longer you have to rely on that wall socket for lighting. Solar energy provides you with a continuous current for illuminating and charging mobile devices.
Aside from being useful during times of need, Coulee Portable Solar Lighting System is also handy for outdoor events and overnight trips. Say goodbye to the dark times and harness the awesome power of the sun with the Coulee Portable Solar Lighting System.

The product is perfect for shed lighting as the lamp hangs from the roof and can be powered by solar energy using the extension PV cable. The high-efficiency solar module has an 80W rated power output which is enough to power a rechargeable lithium battery that has a 12V/30Ah capacity within a sunny day.

It is very convenient to use and install: the solar panel comes with a 10m cable (would suit most objects, as the longer distance is rarely required), and each LED light comes with a 5m cable as well as another 3m cable with an On/Off switch. All cables come with connectors for a quick “plug and play” installation.

The unique LED bulbs can light up for nearly 100,000 hours (one of the longest-lasting lights on the market). This long-term efficiency is mainly related to the LED technology used that has been designed to last much longer and consume less power than traditional light bulbs.

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