Off-grid Power Stand-alone Solar System

Off-grid solar systems have become incredibly popular as of late because they’re both economical and eco-friendly. They’re great alternatives to your traditional electrical systems, and off-grid solar systems operate entirely on solar power. Since they’ve got excellent battery storage, off-grid solar systems can be used to back up in inclement weather and emergencies. It’s also great for those that live in rural areas and are situated far away from the local electrical grid.

Solar System Type

Off-grid Solar System

Designed Power

1kW to 15kW

Descriptions of Off-grid Power Stand-alone Solar System

In remote, rural areas, where there is no grid to connect to, solar electricity is the answer. Off-grid power systems provide an affordable, clean, and uninterrupted energy source that allows for critical power to be supplied anywhere in the world. These off-grid power systems can be used for many applications, starting from powering a basic light bulb to supplying power for an entire village or even large-scale telecommunications systems.

Coulee off-grid solar power system kits contain everything you need to set up a standalone solar energy system with battery storage for around-the-clock off-grid solar power: solar panels, deep-cycle solar batteries, an inverter/charger, charge control, breakers, boxes, and more. Save time and money by buying your entire off-grid power systems at once with our custom-designed kits.

Coulee off-grid solar power system kits are great for mid-sized off-grid homes or remote cabins.


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