Reviews of the best Solar Trickle Charger

Have you ever had this uncomfortable feeling when you want to start your car, but it just seems to be a lack of power? Especially when you leave home at a place quite far away and it’s already late ?

The moment you realize that your car battery is getting low, you will discover how wise it is to have one of the best Solar Trickle Chargers.

Why We Need a Solar Trickle Charger

  • Batteries naturally discharge – Automotive batteries naturally discharge when they are not in use. This is a small but constant drain; if overlooked, it may drain completely and become dead.
  • Vehicles have a small but constant battery drain – Modern vehicles have upwards of 30 body control modules (computers), alarm systems, immobilizers and lock monitoring. These units all consume electricity from the battery. That’s why in a week or two with no or little vehicle use the battery can become discharged.
  • Battery life is shortened if it is not kept charged – A 12V battery that is not correctly maintained above 12.4V can suffer from sulphation. Sulphation is the main cause of battery failure. That’s why the auto battery easily goes to dead when vehicles are left standing for long periods.
  • The simplicity of use – A solar car battery trickle charger is straightforward to use. An older adult, a teenager, or a father with three kids can pick up a 12-volt solar car battery charger, making it much easier to work than a standard electric charger. Besides, a solar car battery charger does not have excessive power like an electric socket charger; it is safer for beginners to use.
  • Variety of uses – You can use a solar panel trickle charger to maintain all kinds of batteries: cars, RVs, ships, motorcycles, lawnmowers, etc.
  • Convenient and Portable – the most valuable point about a solar car battery charger is that it allows you to charge your car battery anywhere. However, you can’t do that just anywhere with a standard charger.
solar trickle charger 12V 5W

How to Choose the Right Solar Trickle Charger

  1. Charging efficiency – For the most effective solar panel trickle charger, you will want to find one that has a conversion efficiency of at least 20%. This means as long as you have light, even when it is overcast, the solar trickle charger should be able to generate enough energy.
  2. Power output – Solar battery trickle chargers have various power wattages to choose from. Starting from 5 watts to 10 watts, up to 20 watts. The more watts a battery charger generates, the faster it maintains or charges your battery.
  3. Auto shutdown – Most solar battery trickle chargers have a built-in shutdown diode (reverse charge blocking diode). This can prevent the solar car battery trickle charger from charging after the battery reaches its maximum capacity, and it can also prevent reverse current from returning. The automatic shutdown function prevents potential damage to the battery and charger. Most 12V solar trickle chargers have this function, though, so it should not be difficult to find.
  4. Sturdy construction – The solar trickle charger should be well built because you may move it to various locations for charging. For example, you can maintain your boat battery and then move to your motorcycle. You want your solar battery trickle charger to be strong enough to withstand any potential shocks or collisions.
  5. Connectors and cables – Make sure your solar trickle charger has at least one 12-volt connector. The length of the power cord will also determine your charging flexibility. If the cord is too short, there may be restrictions.
  6. Mounting – There are several options for installation: a bracket, a stand, or suction cups. You can install a solar charger in a permanent location, for example, on the side of your garage or house. And in some cases, suction cups are easily installed on the dashboard of a car or the deck of a boat.
  7. Size – Solar battery trickle chargers vary in size. Think about portability, choose the one that is best for your application.

Reviews of Best Solar Trickle Chargers 2021

#1. ECO-WORTHY 12 Volt 5-Watt Solar Trickle Charger

This ECO solar trickle charger is a good size and shape for use just about anywhere. This includes the hood of your car, on a boat deck, in your car’s engine compartment, or on a sunroof.

The built-in blocking diode helps prevent power from reversing from the battery. This takes some of the burdens off of you – you don’t have to monitor the unit because the diode protects it closely. Use this product to maintain batteries in cars, trucks, boats, motorhomes, RVs, ATVs, and more. Since it works on cloudy days, you can maintain your batteries and keep them in top shape in any weather.

If there are downsides to this unit, it’s that it does not have an indicator to let you know whether it’s working or not. Also, buyers have stated that the cord could be a little longer.

Up till today, this stunning solar charger has gained 3,620 ratings which indicates its popularity.


  • Maximum Power (Pmax): 5W
  • Open-circuit Voltage (Voc): 22.41V
  • Short-circuit Current (Isc): 0.3A
  • Maximum Working Voltage (Vpm): 17.9V
  • Maximum Working Current (Ipm): 0.28A
  • Net Weight: 0.76lb (345g )
  • Size: 8.07inch*9.25inch (20.5cm*23.5cm) 
  • Cable length, solar panel to SAE connector: 57inch (145cm)
  • Cable length, alligator clip to SAE connector: 22.8inch (58cm)
  • Cable length, cigarette lighter plug to SAE connector: 22.8inch (58cm)
best solar trickle charger

#2. SUNER POWER 12V Solar Car Battery Charger

This sunner power 12V solar car battery charger & maintainer maintains and charges many types of batteries, including AGM, SLA, GEL, wet and deep cycle. You can use it for many applications, such as automotive, marine, tractors, snowmobiles, trucks, RVs, etc.

A built-in blocking diode prevents reverse discharging, so there’s no drain on the battery. It is constructed of high-quality solar glass that will provide several years of use. Similarly, the ABS plastic frame is sturdy and made for long service. Your charger/maintainer comes with a 12-month warranty and lifetime tech support.

However, some users report that the clamps are loose, and you might need to replace them for a better grip.

Up till today, this stunning solar charger has gained 1158 ratings which indicates its popularity.


  • Rated Power: 8W/18V
  • Cell Type: Mono
  • Solar Cells: 36pcs
  • Discharge Protection: Yes
  • Cable Length: 2.4m
  • Installation: Suction Cups
  • Package Dimensions: 16.8 x 10.4 x 2.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.79 pounds

#3. SUNER POWER 12V Solar Battery Trickle Charger

The high efficient solar panel allows the absorption of a broader spectrum of sunlight as long as sufficient daylight is available. The charger will generate an electrical current to trickle the battery. The charger is built in the most super-intelligent MPPT(Maximum Power Power Tracking) chip to charge and fully protect the battery intelligently. The MPPT technology helps to generate at least 20%-30% more power than traditional PWM. And the LED indicator helps better understand the charging status on all days. 

  • High-efficiency crystalline solar cells work great on all days. The adjustable joint ball makes it possible to adjust the solar panel’s angle to get as much sunshine and increase more power.
  • Built-in super-intelligent MPPT technology generates at least 20%-30% more power than traditional PWM.
  • Smart three-stages charging algorith is improved to better charge and maintain battery.
  • LED work statue indicator, battery power indicator, error warning indicator, all statues are clear.
  • IP 65 waterproof design prevents components from oxidizing into the water; no worry to place it outside in all seasons.
  • Overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, reverse polarity protection, and short circuit protection.
  • Plug & play SAE connector, easy to connect and disconnect.
  • Durable ABS frame and tempered solar glass, well built for years usage.

Regarding the downsides, I have to say that it’s not convenient if you wanna fix the unit inside your car.

Up till today, this stunning solar charger has gained 485 ratings.


  • Rated Power: 10W/18V
  • Cell Type: Poly
  • Package Dimensions: 14.72 x 11.93 x 3.19 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.58 pounds

#4. POWOXI 3.5W 12V Solar Trickle Charger

It’s a compact yet powerful device with many features to offer and is suitable for all kinds of cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and more. The device is ideal for 12V batteries and very efficient in preventing drains. Its primary purpose is to slowly charge and maintain the battery’s voltage, keeping it healthy and making it more durable. With the back discharge protection, the charger is super safe to use.

Users also love the weather-resistant solar panels accommodated in sturdy plastic housing. With the IP65 rating and UV protection, the device is very durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with a 12-month warranty and is incredibly easy to use.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that this is still an inexpensive unit. Although highly protected from outdoor conditions, it might get easily damaged when used outside, significantly when dropped from significant heights. Also, the suction cups don’t attach to the unit very well. They tend to loosen up and fall off relatively easily.

Up till today, this stunning solar charger has gained 660 ratings.

Solar Panel car Battery Charger for Motorcycle Boat


  • Rated Power: 3.5W/18V
  • Cell Type: Mono
  • Package Dimensions: 14.5 x 5 x 1.57 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.47 pounds

Wrapping It Up

  • A solar trickle charger are always exposed to harsh conditions daily. It would help if you double-checked whether the solar battery charger is water and weatherproof before you buy one.
  • Before you start using a solar maintainer, check that your battery (make sure it is not a dead battery) is working correctly. 

To get the best solar car battery charger, you only need to consider some key factors, such as efficiency, voltage, power, and whether the battery charge is equipped with the proper cables and connectors required to charge your car battery. Choose a brand you trust and a model that gets high ratings from users in real life. Just remember that most chargers are not designed to charge a dead battery but for maintenance charging fully.

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