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  • Solar technology is making waves, and flexible solar panels are one of the innovations in the market today. Being bendable and pliable, flexible solar panels are perfect for Curved Surfaces.
  • Presenting an all-black glare-free appearance.
  • Pre-drilled holes for quick installation. Also, it can be bonded to the surface using silicone adhesive or velcro.

Black, White

Optional Output Power

20W to 400W

IP Rating


Maximum System Voltage


Connector Type

MC4 & MC4 Compatible

Module Structure


Recommened Temp. Range

-20℃(-4℉) ~ +65℃(+149℉)

Descriptions of Semi Flexible Solar Panel Non-standard Solar Module Manufacturer

Why ETFE Film?

1. ETFE solar panels have a better light penetration percentage of 95%. They contain fluorine atoms that bond to the panel’s EVA, ensuring it will never delaminate or discolor as time pass.
2. The textured finish of ETFE solar panels makes them dirt-resistant and self-cleaning, minimizing the impact on solar output.
3. ETFE film is weatherproof and heat, fire, corrosion, and UV resistant.
4. The age of the ETFE laminated membrane is up to 25 years. Later can recycle it for other purposes, 100% recyclable.

Why Shingled Technology?

The main advantages of solar shingles are their aesthetic appearance, lower currents resulting in potential lower resistive losses, and a higher packing density for photovoltaic modules, increasing the efficiency of flexible solar panels.

Application of Semi Flexible Solar Panels, Solar Generator for RV

Why Semi-flexible Solar Panel?

Both flexible and traditional solar panels use photovoltaic materials to generate energy. However, conventional solar panels are thicker, heavier, and ultimately more durable because of the rigid construction and layers of glass. On the other hand, while flexible solar panels may be less durable, they are easy to install and functional for various applications.

Coulee Semi-flexible solar panel enhances module efficiency while minimizing its weight. It is the perfect option for any off-grid solar system, especially for transportation applications such as RVs and boats.

The semi-flexible solar panel combines high-efficiency (PERC) monocrystalline solar cells with shingled technology to improve electrical performance and power generation efficiency. Pre-drilled mounting holes (or not), solar connectors, and a junction box allow easy and fast installation.
There are several ways to mount flexible solar panels, but the two most common are a mounting rack and an adhesive.

Read more from the article Flexible Solar Panels’ Purchasing Tips.

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